Wreckfest Update 2016-10-14

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers, the latest update for Wreckfest is out. New content is something that’s always high on anyone’s wishlist, and we’re happy to let you know that this update contains a rough and ready banger racing inspired variant of American 4 (pictured above), guaranteed to strike fear in anyone racing ahead of you. The update also introduces a completely new mixed-surface racing track Mixed 4 as well as adds a second route to Mixed 3.

Something that you’ll also instantly notice when trying out some of the older tracks like Mixed 1 is that there are now spectators around tracksides. We think they spice up the environment nicely and give the tracks a way more authentic edge. Mind you, what you’re seeing is just the first iteration, and in future we’ll be adding more spectators, improving their placement and of course decorating all of our tracks with them.


* Added a new work-in-progress track, Mixed 4.
* Added a banger racing variant of American 4.
* Added Route 2 and Route 2 Reverse for Mixed 3.
* Added new spectators to a few selected tracks.
* Tweaked keyboard controller (set Speed Sensitivity to ~85).
* Improved visual damage.

Thanks for your support!