Wreckfest Out Now!

Team Bugbear News

Howdy Wreckers,

We’re beyond thrilled to let you know that the day we’ve been waiting for is upon us:

Wreckfest is leaving Early Access!

In retrospect, it’s been a wild and exciting journey. Back when we embarked on this project, Wreckfest was supposed to be a short little project to create a new, simple racing game in the spirit of the original FlatOut but it soon dawned on us that we can do SO MUCH more with the premise. So, being straight-forward people as we are that’s what we did, and after four years of development during which no sweat, tears and game engines were spared, the end result is the game that you get to play today. We sincerely hope you will have fun with it!

We can’t help but feel somewhat wistful at this moment but don’t think of this as us saying that we’re done with the game now – we’re going to keep updating and improving it. Think of this as our way of saying that if there was no Early Access we would have never had the chance to create this game, and likewise, you’d never gotten to play it. In simple terms, YOU made this game possible. We want to use this opportunity to thank all of those who supported us during this journey; those who shared their excitement over the game and encouraged us to keep working with it, those who supported us by pre-ordering the game, those who shared their feedback with us and of course everyone who played the game and spread the word!

That out of the way, here are some highlights from the launch update:

  • Four new challenge vehicles including a Harvester and a School Bus!
  • New fun customization parts as well as wicked paint jobs for all vehicles.
  • Updated career progress with new unlocks, car rewards & challenge events.
  • Overhauled user interface and art for many screens.
  • New Countryside Demolition Arena.
  • New rocking songs and in-game music.
  • An EPIC amount of improvements and fixes.

The technically-inclined among us can check out the full changelog right below.

In other news, the Deluxe Edition Exclusive Car is also now available! If you have the Deluxe Edition, the car is automatically added to your garage. If you pre-ordered the game directly from our site you will soon receive an email notification containing a new key with which you can unlock the car. The same goes for the exclusive Team Bugbear paint job, so please hang tight.

Please be aware that all your old save data will be wiped with the update to prevent glitches. Likewise, the leaderboards will be reset. Furthermore, the newest version of the game doesn’t “see” the servers running the old build so don’t be alarmed in case there appears to be very few servers available, it simply means that the server administrators need to update their software.

To celebrate the launch we’ve also set up an official Discord channel for some nice meet-and-greet type of action. To join, click HERE.

That’s all for now, folks. See you on the track soon!



  • Added special challenge vehicles: School Bus, Harvester, Supervan and Double-Decker.
  • Added the exclusive Deluxe Edition car (backer car). The car is automatically placed into your garage.
  • Added new fun parts such as coffins, saw blades, large axes, skulls, baby prams, hot dogs, sharks, boxing gloves to decorate the vehicles with in style.
  • Added new paint jobs for vehicles and improved old ones.
  • Adjusted visual camber angles and ride heights of many vehicles to improve their appearance.
  • Adjusted performance ranges of vehicles to differentiate them from each other.
  • Adjusted names, prices and properties of many armor upgrades.
  • Added new Countryside Crop Field derby arena.
  • Resurrected the classic Speedway 2 Demolition Stadium.
  • Optimized the performance of Tarmac 2, Speedway 2 tracks.
  • Polished many of the tracks by fixing seams and holes, improving UV mapping and so forth.
  • Added color-themed curbs and barriers to a number of tracks.
  • Improved Big Stadium Figure 8 environment art.
  • Implemented backer names as AI names.
  • Adjusted a number of time-of-days to not be as dark.
  • Implemented credits.


  • Fixed particle blending glitch when hardware antialiasing is enabled on AMD GPUs.
  • MP: Host can now adjust Car Restriction in the Lobby, Options tab to choose between Max Class A/B/C/D, Host’s Car.
  • MP: Setting a specific car restriction using the Dedicated Server console now works properly.
  • MP: Special vehicles can now be disabled and enabled by host in the Lobby, Options tab.
  • MP: Event settings are no longer reset when the host switches to the Lobby, Options tab.
  • MP: Event settings that require reloading of the event are now marked with an * and accompanying help text.
  • MP: Cars no longer appear falling through the ground plane when the event is changing.
  • MP: The server’s current settings for Damage and Special Vehicles is now included in the lobby server info.
  • Implemented asynchronous vehicle loading to improve loading time when changing a car in the garage.
  • In Replay, Photo Mode, it’s no longer possible to use the free camera to fly outside the level boundaries.
  • Game is now automatically paused after it’s minimized.
  • In Replay, the timer now displays time correctly.
  • Game now detects up to 12 input devices to prevent the user from having to disconnect unnecessary controllers.
  • Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 and CLS Elite Racing Wheel no longer lose input mappings.
  • Controllers are now longer detected automatically when entering the Settings menu;
    instead the user needs to click the Detect Controllers button on Settings, Advanced tab.


  • Added a new Chase 3 camera that is further up and back to make it easier to see the surroundings.
  • Wrecking an opponent now registers correctly even when the victim has more speed than the attacker.
  • Limited the opening angle of hoods to prevent them from making it impossible to drive in the in-car camera once unlocked.
  • Depending the car(s), performing a PIT maneuver is somewhat more challenging than previously.
  • AI is now less inclined to ram the player in slow corners.
  • Reduced the delay at race start.
  • Expert AI is slightly faster now.


  • Added all-new challenge events with special vehicles, for example Harvester Deathmatch.
  • Added unlock gates to career championships, i.e. some of the events are only unlocked after the player has earned enough championship points.
  • Adjusted bonus targets for many events to make them more engaging and remove impossible or very difficult targets.
  • Improved difficulty curve, added new unlocks and vehicle rewards, separated performance upgrades to classes.
  • Changed multi-heat demolition derby events to single heat format.
  • Adjusted performance ranges of AI vehicles to have more performance variation in events.
  • Added descriptions for career series.
  • Added a reward for completing the career.


  • Added loading tips.
  • Changed over to new fonts.
  • Added a new outside garage scene to the main menu.
  • Added a new pit garage scene to the Pre-Race screen.
  • Improved a new Series Selection screen user interface.
  • Implemented a new Paint Shop user interface with a possibility to use three layers for the livery colors and resetting the colors.
  • Added a new user interface for Career Event Info and Pre-Race screens.
  • Getting wrecked mid-race now results in “WRECKED” text instead of misleading “FINISHED” text.
  • For ease of use, performance, visual and armor upgrades are now combined into a single Upgrades menu with tabs.
  • For quick access, Garage is now accessible directly from the Career Event Info screen.
  • Newly acquired parts and cars are now displayed with a “NEW” text to make them easier to find.
  • Owned parts are now marked with a little garage icon instead of “OWNED” text.
  • Damage log notifications are now longer displayed in the beginning of the new event when player restarts while taking damage.
  • Acceleration, Top Speed, Cornering and Strength stats no longer appears as 0 for Lawn Mower and other special vehicles.
  • In Market, Upgrades, items that the player cannot afford are now accompanied with “Insufficient Credits” text.
  • A purchased car is now automatically made active.
  • In Replay, the game now correctly defaults to Trackside Camera view.
  • Tab selection now loops when pressing the key or button repeatedly.
  • Select button is no longer grayed out in the main menu.
  • Mud Pit and Grass Field are now their own environments in the track selection view.


  • Added new licensed songs.
  • In-game music can now be enabled in the Settings, Audio menu.
  • Audio no longer suddenly goes silent on certain cars.
  • Adjusted audio balance.


  • Added localized text for Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Russian.
  • Updated localized text for French, Italian, German and Spanish.