Update: More Stability + Improvements

Team Bugbear News

Howdy friends,

We hope everyone is doing great this fine evening! We’re happy to let you know that the latest update for Wreckfest is now out. The update is primarily targeted to address critical stability issues found within the game but since we just couldn’t resist ourselves it also contains a healthy dose of other improvements and even introduces new features.

First up, the stability issues – largely thanks to the tireless community feedback we’ve been able to track down and fix a number of issues that lead to the game instability especially when using game modifications. We’re confident that the most critical issues are now solved but if you’re still experiencing problems, please let us know via the usual means.

For multiplayer aficionados, the performance should be now smoother and we have added something that many have requested: delayed reset. It’s designed to combat reset spamming, and the way it works is that the host can set a delay before the car is reset after player requests it, ranging between 0-20 seconds, and the car is only reset after the time has passed. We’ve also practically made a full pass on improving the track checkpoints that have caused grievance, so from now on it should be more obvious just where it’s alright to cut track and where not, ensuring fairer racing.

In addition to that, the update also contains numerous other improvements and fixes to improve the quality of life, many of them based on the feedback we have received on the community forums and Discord (join here). We sincerely thank everyone who have taken the time to leave feedback – please keep it up so that we can make the game even better!

Full changelog of the update here:

  • MP: Implemented delayed reset, host adjustable between 0–20 seconds.
  • MP: Implemented further optimization to reduce warping with low ping.
  • MP: Dedicated server now automatically uses the x64 executable.
  • Fixed one case in which the game occasionally crashed when entering the Upgrades menu.
  • Fixed one case in which the Market suddenly appeared empty.
  • Game no longer crashes when entering My Cars after disabling a vehicle modification.
  • Game no longer occasionally crashes to vertex buffer overflow on Fairfield Country Arena.
  • In Settings, Controller menu the previously selected controller is now automatically chosen.
  • Added a confirmation dialog if the player is entering Career with active game modifications.
  • Damage notifications and health bar are now correctly updated after returning from Photo Mode.
  • Improved Pause Menu user interface.
  • A number of other user interface improvements.
  • Longer races now yield increasingly better rewards.
  • With Realistic Damage, mechanical damage is now slightly more severe when at maximum.
  • In Last Man Standing, contact timer is now disabled when there are less than four players left.
  • In team based game modes, t-bone, rear-ender and head-on now correct count as major hits.
  • In team based game modes, team indicator is now always shown for better visibility.
  • It’s now slightly easier to spin out AI players.
  • The steering wheel of the car no longer deforms in collisions.
  • On Speedway 2, the wrong way indicator is no longer sporadically displayed at the race start.
  • Improved checkpoints on many tracks to allow minor cutting or cutting in places where it doesn’t matter.
  • Added obstacles to selected places on various tracks to help the player see when no cutting is allowed.
  • Numerous other minor improvements and fixes.


  • Paint and livery modifications (including additions) do not trigger the anti-tamper protection anymore.
  • To support large modifications the game now supports over 30,000 concurrent vehicle parts in total.
  • The Example Car no longer crashes the game and can be used as an example once again.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a great weekend and have fun racing!