Update 2016-07-29

Team Bugbear News

Here we go – the latest update for Wreckfest is out!

As always the update contains a host of important fixes and improvements based on the feedback we’re received, but without any doubt the highlights of this update are the new Mixed 3 track as well as badass folk-racing inspired version of the European 3 car, as pictured in the title image. Being a low-tier beater version of European 3 car, this new car offers you a first glimpse of how the career of the game will work, with players starting from the bottom and working their way up to better events with better cars.

Other than that we’ve made an effort to improve the new health system so it should make more sense and support the type of gameplay we want to encourage. We’ve also improved all cars by tweaking the suspension setups, fixing some of the aerodynamic properties, improving gear shift logic as well as tuning the driving assists, and as a result the actual business of racing should feel better no matter what your skill level. And finally, modders now have an ability to finetune AI routes as well as view trackside cameras.

Please find full details below:

* Added a new work-in-progress track, Mixed 3.
* Added a folk-racing variant of European 3.
* It now requires heavy hits to cause any damage to the chassis in case the body panels are almost or fully intact.
* Low to moderate jumps no longer cause damage to the chassis health on landing unless chassis is in critical condition.
* Health bars now display correct reading also in replays.
* Improved car cameras and related effects.
* Improved shifting logic for automatic gearbox.
* It’s now possible to skip gears when downshifting (i.e. shift directly from 3rd to 1st, for example).
* Improved Stability and Traction Control assists to make them more useable.
* Exposed developer track data and trackside camera visualization, racing line adjust tool, and free camera for modded tracks.
* Use the tilde key ~ (the key below ESC that resembles a squiggly worm) to access the developer menu and F11 to enable free camera.
* Added an ability to set effects to panel release and unlocking (not used for official cars just yet).
* Fixed buggy checkpoints on Speedway 1 and Tarmac 2.
* Improved AI routes on a number of tracks.
* Fixed rough geometry in the Sandpit 3 intersection causing cars to flip.
* Added more grass to Sandpit 3.

As always, thanks for your continued support! Any feedback you have, we’d love to hear it.