Update 2016-05-25

Team Bugbear News

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest update is out! In this update we’ve paid special attention to car-to-car collisions to make them more weighty and dynamic again, and now major crashes will more often result in the cars taking air or flipping over instead of just sliding around. We’ll continue to improve crashes and at this point we’d love to hear what you think; are the cars now flipping over even too easily? Do the crashes feel weighty enough? Are they too hazardous from the player’s perspective?

In the other news we’ve also improved the AI. Not only it’s quicker and more aggressive towards each other and the player but now it also reacts to being bumped into the boot by swerving around and sometimes downright losing control and crashing – how cool is that? 🙂

Other goodies are included as well with full changelog below.


  • Added the 3Ds Max AI Geom Gen tool which was missing from previous update.
  • Added missing track cameras to Mixed 1 Reverse.
  • Fixed see-through track geometry and improperly placed props on Mixed 2 Reverse.
  • Added PSD templates for menu assets (event icon, loading screen, results screen, car icon) under mod example folders.
  • Increased racing AI aggressiveness: AI is now more inclined to try to ram the player or the other AI drivers if given a chance.
  • Improved racing AI: it’s now faster and drives more loose to give it a more natural edge.
  • Racing AI now reacts to being bumped or rammed by possibly losing control and/or spinning out.
  • Added graphics setting presets Low, Medium, High and Ultra (Settings > Graphics > Presets).
  • Added command line option ‘-disable_mods’ to make troubleshooting easier in case mods are preventing the game from launching properly.

As always, thanks for your support. Please keep the feedback coming in!