Update 2016-05-04

Team Bugbear News

The latest update to Wreckfest is now available with following changes:

  • Implemented a better file duplication tool
  • Added a rename tool which also patches references to the renamed file
  • Added an autosave option
  • Added a reset option that reverts modded file to the original (vanilla) state.
  • References to other bag files are now handled more intelligently
  • Cleaned up old unused properties from some file formats
  • Added an undo stack to some less-often used attribute types
  • Sliders are now displayed for more parameters. Sliders can also be enabled by the user by defining limits (right-click on the parameter and select ‘Limits & Comment’).
  • + and lots of other small tweaks.
  • Server moderators can now change event settings but not server name, welcome message or password.
  • Admin in dedicated server lobby can now start the event in a similar fashion than on servers hosted in-game. No change in behavior if no admins are present.
  • You can now display active bans in dedicated server console with ‘bans’ command and unban people with ‘/unban X’.
  • Also added commands ‘/bansteamid [numerical steam id]’ and ‘/unbansteamid [numerical steam id]’ for modifying ban list.
  • SteamIds in banlist.banl can now be edited with Bag Edit. Note that since the dedicated server does not use your Steam account, it has a separate ban list located in ‘%LOCALAPPDATA%/wreckfest early access’.
  • Host can still view and lift regular server’s bans through lobby’s context menu.
  • Added error messages and/or fixed crashes with improperly set vehicle mods.

As always, thanks for your support!