Stuntfest Update 2016-10-21

Team Bugbear News

We’re happy to let you know that the latest update for Stuntfest is now out. Among other crucial improvements the update makes it possible to use custom objects authored in 3d modeling applications such as 3ds Max in your events. The beauty of it all is that custom objects are automatically embedded and uploaded together with your event to Steam Workshop, with no action required from your part. Likewise, when a user subscribes to your Workshop content, all custom objects required for the event are automatically downloaded. How cool is that? Please see tools/Readme.txt for a crash course on how to get started and remember to check out the example assets!

The update also contains a host of other improvements, with full changelog below.


* Support for custom event objects.
* Ragdoll nudge mechanic is improved.
* Ragdoll can now clear checkpoints.
* Added new official Ragdoll Climber event.
* Added gameplay tips to the loading screen.
* DataCleaner is now included for verifying game data integrity.

Happy ragdolling!