New Hotfix Out!

Team Bugbear News

Howdy everyone,

We’ve just pushed out another hotfix, addressing a number of issues and improving some aspects of the game:

  • The game now detects more than 4 controllers for real, no joke.
  • Car stats are now displayed correctly in the Garage, Tuning menu.
  • Imperial units are now displayed correctly in the Garage, Upgrades menu.
  • Track length and/or area is now displayed correctly when using imperial units.
  • Bandit parts given as rewards now use the correct car name.
  • RoadSlayer now correctly starts as a Class B car as designed.
  • Hotshot is now correctly categorized as a Fullsize car.
  • Boomer and Boomer RS Roll Cage 4 is now correctly named Roof Bar.
  • A number of cars no longer have duplicate None or Stock parts.
  • Gremlin no longer has the back exhaust installed after installing the side pipe.
  • Bandit armor upgrades now have correct weight.
  • Lap count (and elimination interval) is now displayed correctly in the Pre-Race screen.
  • Tarmac 2 event in Career series Getting Smashed no longer has 12 laps, but three.
  • Supervan Smash-Up bonus target requirement is now 500 instead of 800 damage.
  • Last vehicles on the starting grid no longer occasionally spawn in an incorrect location.
  • Checkpoints can no longer be skipped when on alternative route.
  • Harvester no longer gets stuck under the bridges in Motor City.
  • For clarity, similar controllers are now numbered in the Settings, Advanced.
  • Various fixes and improvements of environment art.
  • Various minor user-interface improvements.
  • MP: The server or the client no longer crashes occasionally when a client (or a bot) quits.
  • MP: It’s now displayed in the server browser whether special vehicles are allowed or disallowed on the server.
  • MP: Custom (mod) vehicles now work correctly in multiplayer.
  • MP: Vehicle and vehicle class restrictions now work correctly for custom vehicles.
  • MP: Server frequency is now correctly shown in the dedicated server console.
  • MP: It’s now possible to override server settings from the command line with the “-server_set” switch, using for example “Wreckfest.exe -s server_config=server_config.cfg -server_set server_name=myserver max_players=12 password=secret” to launch the server. Be aware that spaces are not supported so make sure not use them for example in the server name.
  • MP: It’s now possible to specify SteamIDs of users that will be automatically granted admin privileges in the server config.
  • MP: A separate, smaller (less than 3GB) server build is now available in a public “Server” branch. It will also soon appear in the Tool library and can be downloaded anonymously.

That’s all for now, folks – we have more exciting stuff lined up so expect to hear from us again soon. In the meantime, have an awesome Midsummer holiday if you celebrate that like we here in Northern Europe do, and if you don’t, have an equally awesome weekend!