New Hotfix Out!

Team Bugbear News

Howdy folks,

We just pushed out a new hotfix, addressing a number of critical issues such as the game crashing in certain circuimstances when entering the Settings menu as well as the random crash related to the ragdoll system. In addition that, Realistic Damage now really works in multiplayer, and it’s possible to sort the server list based on the server ping. Additionally, the hotfix contains a number of minor improvements and tweaks, with the full changelist below:

  • The game no longer crashes in specific cases when entering the Settings menu.
  • The game no longer sporadically crashes when using a vehicle with ragdoll driver.
  • The lawnmower and harvester no longer occasionally glitch when customizing paint.
  • Realistic Damage now works correctly in multiplayer.
  • Added “Server Not Empty” filter to Server Browser.
  • Added sorting as per ping to Server Browser.
  • In Lobby, it’s now possible to scroll the player list with a gamepad.
  • Reverted AI aggression back to what it was before the June update so AI is again more prone to do kamikaze attacks against the player especially on Expert difficulty.
  • Increased Player Rank level cap to 100.
  • In Career, V8 Thunder series now has 6 laps instead of 3.
  • In Career, adjusted series order of National Amateurs to hopefully prevent the users from getting stuck.
  • A number of environment art improvements and fixes.

As you probably know, we’re currently hard at work on the console versions of the game but we know that everyone who already has the game is looking forward to new content. And yes, we’re indeed working on new cars and tracks too. It will be still some time before we’re ready to show anything, but rest assured, there’s a lot of exciting new stuff in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more news soon!

Thanks for all your support and happy racing, everyone!