Hotfix for Wreckfest’s June Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers and Racers,

We just pushed out a hotfix for the June Update, addressing a number of critical and non-critical technical issues found in the latest update and generally improving the user experience based on the feedback we’ve received:


  • Leaderboards are back online.
  • Server Browser no longer crashes.
  • Server Browser is now more responsive and correctly displays server info.
  • Mod Manager does not glitch anymore when more than one page of mods is installed.
  • Selecting Game Mode in the Quick Race Options now works correctly.
  • In Team Race, points are now correctly awarded for crashing.
  • Reset is no longer disabled in single player after playing online on a server with reset disabled.
  • Reset Car and Reverse Limiter options are now shown on their own rows in Lobby and Server Browser.
  • After toggling V-Sync in the Settings a game restart is now required menu to apply the setting.
  • Number of max players is now shown correctly in Lobby.
  • Lobby chat is now more responsive.
  • Replay UI is now correctly displayed.
  • Scroll bars are now displayed correctly in Lobby and elsewhere.
  • Background is now displayed correctly when using ultra wide resolutions.
  • THQ logo is now properly centered.


  • Vehicles imported from old save data are now automatically given correct replacement parts in case parts are missing or invalid, fixing the red exclamation mark error in multiplayer.
  • Reduced tire dust effects so that they are less intrusive and cost less performance wise.
  • Ragdoll model is now shown correctly instead of grey cubes.
  • American 3 roll cage no longer gets detached too early.


  • Added Mixed 4 Main Circuit Reverse layout
  • Improved Mixed 7 checkpoints to prevent outrageous cheating.
  • Speedway 2 white tire barrier now has a proper collision.
  • Fixed Gravel 1 missing texture.
  • Fixed Tarmac 2 missing textures + improved environment art.
  • Fixed Sandpit 3 start camera.

Special thanks to Kev (TADS) and Sam223 for helping us with testing – our endless gratitude, you guys rock!

Also thanks to everyone for support, feedback and helping us improve the game.