Hotfix for March Update 3

Team Bugbear News

Hey Wreckers,

We’re happy to let you know that a hefty hotfix for yesterday’s update is now available, tying up a few loose ends we didn’t have the time to care of for the update and addressing a number of issues we’ve become aware since yesterday:

  • AI players now use all cars in all classes.
  • Career events now make use of the new weathers.
  • Rammer RS is now received correctly as a reward from “Ramming It Down” career event.
  • Removed bogus “None” parts from cars that now have proper unique customization parts.
  • RoadSlayer GT roll cage can now be removed.
  • Sunrise Super’s Sport Exhaust Manifold no longer results in a massive power hit.
  • Fixed a number of material bugs in the new rims.
  • The cute car icons now have an equally cute ambient shadow.
  • Added a new improved default paintjobs for Rammer and Starbeast.
  • MP: Dedicated Server console no longer crashes when someone joins while typing a server message.
  • MP: Fixed a number of weather setting bugs in Dedicated Server: Setting up an incorrect weather in the event parameters no longer results in clients being unable to connect to the server. Command “weathers” now displays correct event specific weathers. If no weather is specified in the event parameters, a random event specific weather is used.
  • Mixed 5 no longer features flying cars.
  • Localization, fixed server browser and loading screen text overlap.

Thanks for all the feedback, have a great weekend and keep on wrecking!