Hotfix for January Update

Team Bugbear News

A critical hotfix for January Update is now out, addressing some of the misfires with the update:

  • MP: Unresponsive zombie clients now get disconnected properly.
  • Having the example vehicle mod enabled will no longer cause the game to crash at launch.
  • Installing the “None” front bumper on Nexus will no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed a number of visual glitches related to customization parts.
  • Decreased strength of most front and rear bumbers.
  • Increased mechanical damage on normal damage setting.
  • Added track info for Tarmac 3 Short Route Reverse.
  • Career: Demolition Derby series are now shorter and single heat only.
  • bgeometry.exe and bimage.exe are now included in the tools folder.


  • MP: Spectating will occassionally crash the game, please avoid until a fix is out.