Hotfix for December Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers,

The December Update launched last week, and we’ve been very humbled by the feedback received from the community – it does seem like many of you are having more fun with the game than ever, and for us as a developer, that’s the best possible reward. However, we have become aware of a number of chinks in our armour in the form of certain technical issues and other shortcomings that we felt could be addressed right away, and since the launch of the update we’ve been working long days and hammering away, leaving no rock turned in our quest to extract as much juice from the game in its current state as virtually possible. So, without any further ado, please find the quest log below:


  • Fixed a case in which the dedicated server might crash due to console buffer overflow.
  • Fixed a random client crash when entering spectate mode.
  • Invalid mod preview image (such as a .gif camouflaged as a .jpg) no longer causes the mod manager to crash.
  • Having certain controllers plugged in will no longer cause the mouse cursor to vanish indefinitely.
  • To prevent bogus controller bindings, automatic binding of DirectInput controllers is now disabled.
  • It’s no longer to get locked out of the game by unbinding ESC and Enter keyboard keys.
  • Input to Steam Overlay chat no longer flows into the game’s chat.
  • Audio no longer gets cut off when the player gets wrecked (would manifest in spectate mode as well).
  • Exiting any of the Garage sub-views after playing multiplayer no longer results in the bogus “Exit Game?” popup.
  • Market, Tune and other sub-views now have Back buttons.


  • Fixed Firefly in-car camera offset as well as other minor camera issues.
  • Roadcutter is no longer indestructible with certain customization parts.
  • Dominator no longer loses its engine audio sporadically.
  • Sunrise Super has new engine audio.
  • Increased handbrake power for a number of cars.
  • AI with Tristar should no longer get stuck on the track.
  • Improved positional audio.


  • AI is no longer as murderous towards the player in Demolition Derby.
  • It’s now easier to pull a pit maneuver on AI (remember it’s still difficult to pit a heavy car with a light car).
  • Extreme high-speed collisions now cause less gameplay damage.
  • A number of cars now have more gameplay health.
  • Player tags are no longer displayed for wrecked players to make them easier to distinguish.
  • Player tags are displayed at a farther distance in Demolition Derby and Team game modes.
  • Press (X) (or a custom binding) to reset is now displayed correctly when using a controller.
  • Player Rank 17 is now displayed correctly as 17, not 16.
  • Game no longer crashes in the post-race experience screen if the player gains experience when on the last rank.
  • Experience and credits accumulation from playing custom events and multiplayer is now the same as that of career events.
  • In career, events featuring multiple sessions now have the correct number of laps for semifinals and finals.
  • Revenging a rival now nets 200XP instead of 1XP.
  • Final lap notification is now displayed correctly.
  • Career events now have more weather variation.
  • Player stats in the top right now feature a progress bar towards the next rank.
  • Upgrade parts received as rewards now use correct car names.


  • Updated the environment images in the environment selection slider.
  • All routes now have proper minimaps in the track selection slider.
  • Improved ad banners on a number of tracks.
  • Fixed Mixed 3 Short Route and Short Route Reverse AI driving line.
  • Fixed Dirt Speedway trackside cameras.
  • Improved Mixed 3 trackside cameras.


  • Runtime ambient occlusion is now automatically disabled for custom vehicles so vehicles should render correctly again.
  • Old style _ns maps can only be used with blend materials, and using them with standard materials will cause visual glitches.

Also, leaderboards will be reset shortly.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who played the game and left us feedback, you’re the best!