Hotfix + Deluxe Edition Goodies!

Team Bugbear News

Howdy Wreckers,

We hope you’re doing great and you’ve been enjoying the game! Yesterday’s launch pretty much blew our socks off – the feedback was enthusiastic and it was totally great for us to see how much fun you were having with the game. Thanks to everyone who joined the party here on the Steam forum, our own forum, Twitter and Discord and of course played the game, we had a blast!

That said, a couple of nagging issues has been brought to our attention since the yesterday’s launch, and since we couldn’t resist picking up our debuggers once more here we go already with a hotfix containing following improvements:

  • Added two new songs to the soundtrack.
  • The game now detects more than 4 controllers correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the game might have crashed when entering market.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu buttons would get stacked together.
  • Fixed an issue with the huge ad board not collapsing properly.
  • The game no longer crashes when installing a fully cut fender on Rammer RS or Killerbee S with a front spoiler installed.
  • Bandit no longer has duplicate front fenders available.
  • Reward vehicles are now received correctly in career.
  • Reduced point requirement for unlocking events in the National Amateurs career championship.
  • Sandpit 1 Alternative Loop now has correct minimap.
  • Launcher now displays the correct game logo screen.
  • Updated launcher image and game shortcut icon.
  • AI names can be modded again.

Other than that, we have great news for the owners of the Deluxe Edition – the exclusive soundtrack and the wallpapers are now available, meaning that you can still feel like a real wrecker while you fill in your tax report, sort out your personal budget or whatever it is that you prefer to indulge yourself with in your free time. The bonus content should be downloaded automatically and placed into your game’s installation folder, which you can open if you right-click the game’s name in the Steam Library and then choose “Properties” menu item, then “Local Files” tab and finally “Browse Local Files…” button. Enjoy!

And let’s not forget our pre-order backers, without whom we might not be here today. We apologize for the delay in sending out the keys but all our pre-order customers will start receiving their Deluxe Edition Upgrade and Team Bugbear Paint Job product keys shortly so no one is left behind! If you pre-ordered Full-Time Wrecker or higher and you’re not receiving the email notification, please contact our support at and we’ll check out what’s the hold-up.

That pretty much wraps it up for now, see you on the track!