Hotfix 2 for Wreckfest’s June Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers,

No rest for the wicked! We’ve just unleashed another hotfix for the June Update, addressing a critical issue found in the dedicated server software that caused the server to crash randomly. Additionally, this hotfix contains a wealth of other improvements to the user interface, vehicles and tracks based on your feedback to further enhance the game experience. Please find the changelog below:


  • Dedicated server no longer crashes randomly.
  • In Lobby, server name and server message are now displayed correctly and updated appropriately in the Options tab.
  • Admin can no longer get stuck in the Options tab when the race countdown reaches 10s.
  • Leaderboards and Spectate buttons now work on game controllers when waiting for others to finish the race.
  • In multiplayer, the rewards popup no longer flashes on the screen when loading the next track.
  • In Lobby, ESC icon now has the correct description “Game Menu”.
  • In the Leaderboards screen, the tab highlight now works correctly.
  • In the Quick Race menu, it’s now possible to rotate the camera when selecting the car.
  • In the Quick Race menu, AI Class now changes correctly even after changing car and AI Set repeatedly.
  • In the Quick Race menu, when returning to the Track tab the view now correctly centers to the previously selected track.
  • The game no longer crashes at the race start due to a missing AI Set start after playing a quick race with a custom AI Set from a mod, removing the said mod and then proceeding to a quick race again without manually setting the AI Set.
  • In Photo Mode and Replay, Spherical Camera zoom now works again.
  • In Replay, Play/Pause button now looks correct when toggling state.


  • American 5 cameras now match those of the other cars.
  • American 1 locked differential and American 5 open differential now have correct power distribution.
  • AI players no longer ram each other right after the green light on short tracks.


  • Taking the joker shortcut on Mixed 4 no longer results in the position list going haywire – also fixes other similar cases where the alternative route is on the same stretch of the track as the starting grid.
  • Starting grid is now correctly sorted on tracks where the grid is located on an alternative route, Dirt Speedway Figure 8 being the most obvious example.
  • Small Stadium no longer has a mini Borg ship floating above the stadium.
  • Concrete barriers like found on Figure 8 now break up easier when hit.
  • Steel arm-cos on Mixed 4 now have proper collisions.
  • Improved checkpoints on Tarmac 1, Sandpit 1, Sandpit 2, Sandpit 3, Dirt Oval, Mixed 7 to prevent cheating.
  • Fixed obstructed Replay cameras found on Speedway 1 Oval, Sandpit 1, Sandpit 3.


  • Direct reference to a scne file is again allowed in the event settings bag file (evse).

Special thanks to everyone who helped us test server stability, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

Thanks to everyone for your continuing support and feedback, keep on wrecking!