Hotfix 2 for December Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers,

We are no Santa but we still have a few goodies left in our sack of spare distributor caps, long lost level art and missing bits of physics code, and since we felt there was still something we could do to improve the game in the spirit of the festive season, here we go with another hotfix, hot on heels of yesterday’s one:


  • Improved mechanical damage reliability in multiplayer.


  • Default Steering Speed Sensitivity for gamepad is now 75%.
  • Controller settings are reset to default for everyone to make sure no pesky bogus bindings remain.


  • Improved AI racing line assessment for better cornering performance, affects all tracks but most noticeable in Speedway 1.
  • Toned down demolition derby AI difficulty on hard difficulty slightly more.
  • It’s no longer possible to enter a series with an originally eligible car that was upgraded to an ineligible class.
  • It’s no longer possible to use the keyboard + mouse combo to select an ineligible car.
  • When purchasing cars or parts, credits deduction is now reflected in the player stats right away.
  • Player now receives correct rewards for events in the Dirt Track Fury career series.
  • When retiring from a custom event or an online event, player no longer receives the credits and experience awarded in the previous career event.
  • Player with a fastest lap (Best Lap) and most damage dealt (Damage Dealer) is now shown in the results screen.
  • Player Steam icon is now shown correctly for the player and not someone else in the grid order and series standings views.
  • Results screen is now skipped altogether as unnecessary after retiring from a custom race.
  • Player stats are no longer displayed in the results screen.
  • Difficulty and Tune tabs are now titled correctly in lobby.
  • In both server browser and lobby, route minimap is now displayed instead of the boring placeholder image.
  • Back buttons in lobby car select, tune and difficulty tabs view now work as designed.


  • On Tarmac 1, replaced most proxy prop vehicles with final ones.


  • Implemented more robust mod detection for disabling runtime AO for custom vehicles.

As always, don’t forget to let us know what you think of the changes. You rock!