Game Music Contest for Wreckfest!

Team Bugbear News

Exciting news! We need a rocking soundtrack for Wreckfest and since we thought this is a perfect chance to promote all the awesome indie bands out there and give our fans a chance to voice their opinion on the soundtrack, we have just opened a game music contest. The winners will have their music featured in our game and receive cash prizes, with the top dog receiving $3,500 and nine runner-ups $1,000 each. Don’t forget that artists featured in our previous games have included many upcoming indie artists as well as household names like Megadeth, Rob Zombie, and Fall Out Boy, so now you or your friends have a chance to break big. We want to have the best possible soundtrack in the game so make sure to vote and share the news with your favourite bands!

Check out the contest site at:

In other news, as you have no doubt noticed for the most part we’ve been flying under the radar since our last update and that’s simply because we’ve been working on the game like there’s no tomorrow, adding new features and content as well as polishing what we already have. We can soon share more details with you but rest assured there’s a plenty of good stuff coming up – loads of new unique cars, a proper career mode with championships, car paint job customization, brand new HUD, greatly improved AI, polished tracks and a lot more – in short, everything that will soon make Wreckfest a complete game. Stay tuned!