Dev Blog: Asset drop

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By now, you’ve probably gotten used to many of our tracks currently being at proxy stage – a technical, slightly euphemistic way of a game developer saying that they are pretty unfinished and only have the most crucial features dialed in to make them more or less playable. Well, fear not! That’s not how they will look in the final game.

During the last few months we’ve been working at overhauling and polishing the track environments, and for that purpose we have a varied selection of different assets and props that we are using to decorate the tracks according to real life references. So yes, while some of our tracks are fictional, to make them feel more authentic we’re still using real-world references that we think match the environment and the style we’re looking for. During this phase we’ve also put in new details and fixed the remaining issues with our older, more polished tracks, so almost every kind of track has received some kind of a treatment.

These assets we have range from large, such as different kinds of buildings for track facilities, to smaller like speakers and transformer boxes, even small plastic garden chairs. Now, the latter might not sound overly important or even interesting, but they’re equally important at breathing life to the scene and giving it a sense of credibility. Also, with clever planning different looking buildings around the starting area can be used to give each track a bit of a unique trait, something that the player can use to distinguish the track from others. Furthermore, different conditions and materials of props (old, new, wood, metal, etc.) play a significant role in making some tracks appear more run-down and some more high-end, important for the career progression.

It’s not going to be long before you can see it all yourself in-game and OF COURSE experience some Wreckfest style extreme racing in our shiny new environments, but meanwhile check out some teaser images below with more to come as we push forward.

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