First real track revealed

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As you know, Wreckfest is all about recreating a visceral racing experience in total, and realistic environments play a very important role in that. Since we have come to learn that you cannot really create an authentic race track from the top of your head we involve ourselves in regular field trips to local motorsports avenues. One of these little …


Wreckfest gets more punch under the hood, update coming soon!

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We’re pleased to announce that the next update of Wreckfest is scheduled for this month, and it will mark an important milestone for our game. In the update we will be introducing our completely new tire and suspension simulation model that will provide for a much more immersive driving experience on both tarmac and sand. The update will also feature …


Week #17 Report

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Hello again! This week’s blog is an unconventional one, as we’re not as much talking about what we’re up to as much as we are inviting you to be a part of our decision making process. To be more specific, we’re unsure what to do with the demolition derby aspect of the game. We feel it’s not getting the love that Wreckfest’s racing …

Week #16 Report

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Hey there!   This blog post is all about the physics update. In short, we’re still wrestling with it.   We sincerely apologize for the delay – we did correctly estimate how long it would take to make the building blocks to get the first 90% of the update ready, but those final ten percent have proven to be quite …

Week #15 Report

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Hello again!   As the launch of our newest build draws nearer (but isn’t yet here, sorry to say), one thing that has been wished of us has been a recap of what all will be in the next iteration of Wreckfest. So, this week’s blog will be a very special Cheesy Clip Show episode, meaning we’ll go over stuff …

Road Rumble, a new game mode for Wreckfest!

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And now, something completely different. Ever since we announced Wreckfest, players have wanted a game mode where they can go crazy. You asked for it, we deliver.   Bugbear proudly presents a new game mode for Wreckfest: ROAD RUMBLE a game mode of automatic weapons and boundless love, steel armor and sweet stunts!   In Road Rumble, players get to …

Weekly Report #13

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All right, time for another weekly blog! This week we’ll talk about how we approach designing menus, and how complicated it can get. This is topical, as we’re currently designing brand new menus for Wreckfest, and you’ll get to see them soon enough 🙂   The first step of the process is to recall this mantra: “Form follows function.” This …

Weekly Report #11

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Hello again!   This week we’ll talk about creating cars – where do we start, where do we go from there, what to look out for, and how long it all takes? For Wreckfest, existing cars took about two months to complete – per car. Yes, it really takes that long!   It all begins by, obviously, figuring out what …

Weekly Report #10

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Hello again!   With the new physics model coming up, we want our tracks to live up to the standards that kind of detail brings. That’s why this week’s blog will be about designing race tracks – what’s our philosophy there, and our golden goals?   In general, we are not aiming for easy tracks. However, we don’t want to …