Wreckfest February Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers, the latest update is upon us! Remember: In case the handling feels odd, please first reset your controller settings to default. CONTENT Added a new banger variant of European 1 hot hatch. Improved the model of the European 1 race variant. Redesigned the livery style we’re going with, and the results can be seen on the reworked European …


Hotfix for Wreckfest’s December Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear all, we just released an important hotfix, addressing the following issues found in the yesterday’s major update: Dedicated server no longer crashes when a track is being changed. Spectator mode now works correctly. Cars no longer fall through the terrain on Tarmac 1. The short Tarmac 3 route is now Tarmac 3 – Mixed. White concrete barrier no longer …


Wreckfest December Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers, As many of you are aware, Wreckfest has been in Early Access for a considerable time. Even though there have been numerous significant improvements along the way that will make the game indefinitely better in the end, understandably some of you have been concerned that the final game will never see the light of the day. We understand this …

Stuntfest Update 2016-10-21

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We’re happy to let you know that the latest update for Stuntfest is now out. Among other crucial improvements the update makes it possible to use custom objects authored in 3d modeling applications such as 3ds Max in your events. The beauty of it all is that custom objects are automatically embedded and uploaded together with your event to Steam …


Wreckfest Update 2016-10-14

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers, the latest update for Wreckfest is out. New content is something that’s always high on anyone’s wishlist, and we’re happy to let you know that this update contains a rough and ready banger racing inspired variant of American 4 (pictured above), guaranteed to strike fear in anyone racing ahead of you. The update also introduces a completely new …


The first playable version of Stuntfest out!

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We’re beyond thrilled to let you know that the very first playable Early Access version of our new game Stuntfest is now available for all our pre-order customers! It comes with three different characters, each with their own vehicle, a mix of unique events put together by us and a level editor with a ton of objects with which you …


Wreckfest console versions and Stuntfest announced

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We have a very exciting announcement to make. Since the Early Access launch of Wreckfest we have been asked whether Wreckfest will be ever released on consoles, and we’re now thrilled to announce that Wreckfest is officially coming to Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4! Quoting our Studio Director, Janne Alanenpää: “Thanks to the raw power of both Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4 …


Wreckfest status update

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Dear Wreckers, it’s been a while since our last update, and while we’re still working on the next one we thought it would be a perfect time to look at the current status of the game and give you guys some idea on what we have in store for you. As you have no doubt noticed the development speed has …


Update 2016-07-29

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Here we go – the latest update for Wreckfest is out! As always the update contains a host of important fixes and improvements based on the feedback we’re received, but without any doubt the highlights of this update are the new Mixed 3 track as well as badass folk-racing inspired version of the European 3 car, as pictured in the …


Update 2016-06-23

Team Bugbear News

We’re happy to let you all know that the latest update is out! The update contains quite a few improvements, major and minor alike, but the main feature of the update is the new track Sandpit 3 offering high-speed racing through the forested hilly scenery, something that will probably bring back sweet memories of a certain well-known racing game of …