Big Update Coming Before Christmas!

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Hello fellow racers and wreckers! We are working on the next update like there is no tomorrow. In fact, this new update is by far the largest one we have ever created. We are going to release it before Christmas, and we are more than happy to share with you that the update will contain: Many new cars, including front-wheel …


Dev Blog: Asset drop

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By now, you’ve probably gotten used to many of our tracks currently being at proxy stage – a technical, slightly euphemistic way of a game developer saying that they are pretty unfinished and only have the most crucial features dialed in to make them more or less playable. Well, fear not! That’s not how they will look in the final …


Dev Blog: Hello, rough surfaces

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This is really a detail in the greater scheme of things but like they say, the devil is in the details. For a long time, we’ve been unhappy with how smooth our surfaces feel, both on track and off-road. It’s something that you too might have noticed at least subconsciously since it does take away from the immersion quite a …


Game Music Contest for Wreckfest!

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Exciting news! We need a rocking soundtrack for Wreckfest and since we thought this is a perfect chance to promote all the awesome indie bands out there and give our fans a chance to voice their opinion on the soundtrack, we have just opened a game music contest. The winners will have their music featured in our game and receive …


Hotfix 3 for Wreckfest’s June Update

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Dear Wreckers, As the saying goes, never two without three – the third hotfix for the June Update is now out, seeking to enhance dedicated server resilience to intermittent network errors and further improve server stability. In addition to that the hotfix also contains a number of other improvements detailed below: Improved dedicated server resilience to network interruptions. Server Browser …


Hotfix 2 for Wreckfest’s June Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers, No rest for the wicked! We’ve just unleashed another hotfix for the June Update, addressing a critical issue found in the dedicated server software that caused the server to crash randomly. Additionally, this hotfix contains a wealth of other improvements to the user interface, vehicles and tracks based on your feedback to further enhance the game experience. Please …


Hotfix for Wreckfest’s June Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers and Racers, We just pushed out a hotfix for the June Update, addressing a number of critical and non-critical technical issues found in the latest update and generally improving the user experience based on the feedback we’ve received: TECHNICAL/USER INTERFACE Leaderboards are back online. Server Browser no longer crashes. Server Browser is now more responsive and correctly displays …


Wreckfest June Update

Team Bugbear News

Dear Wreckers, The next major update for Wreckfest is out! Please check below for the full changelist: CONTENT Added a new track designed for rough racing and epic crashes: Crash Canyon – fans of our earlier games will surely recognize the inspiration. Added a new work-in-progress track, Mixed 7. Replaced the garage with a new, more spacious garage, still work-in-progress …


Wreckfest April Update

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Dear Wreckers, the latest update is upon us! This one is strictly a content update to give you something new and exciting to chew on while we continue working on the career, new user interface and a bunch of other cool features coming up later on. First of all – and this is a big one – the update introduces …


Hotfix for Sandpit 1

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Dear all, we just pushed out a quick update improving playability of Sandpit 1. Most of the broken geometry is now fixed, AI is functional for all routes and trackside cameras for Replay are in place. Furthermore, loading the track with grass enabled no longer causes a fatal crash. Phew! Additionally, the ramps on the large derby Stadium were made …