24-car Multiplayer Returns!

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Hey all y’all! So… What’s up? Well, first of all, Wreckfest enjoys Multiplayer Mayhem Week sale on Steam and tags our game with a -30% discount! If you love the madness and chaos that Wreckfest is all about, we wouldn’t mind at all if you recommend it to your friends, for as we all know, nothing beats ramming your buddies …

Wreckfest on Sale on Steam!

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Hey all y’all! During the past few weeks ago we have released a handful of hotfixes, addressing issues and squashing bugs like nobody’s business. As a result, the 18-car multiplayer races, packed with tight and dirty situations and crashing cars, run smoother than ever! You can host your own events with much better stability, and use the reworked lobby chat …

Hot Fix Update 2014-10-14

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The build has been updated with the following changes: * Fixed several rare crashes. * The popup for wrong password is now correctly displayed. * Quick look-back camera now works with separate wheel/pedals setup. * Speedway loading screen image is now displayed correctly in multiplayer. As always, all feedback is very welcome!

Hot Fix Update 2014-10-09

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The hot fix battery keeps on hammering! We have just updated the game with a yet another hot fix that should address the issue with the game often freezing in the loading screen when trying to join a server. A couple of other minor issues have been fixed as well. * The game no longer freezes into the loading screen …

Hot Fix Update 2014-10-07 (REVERTED but redone since)

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This update has been reverted. Unfortunately it seems like the latest hot fix posted earlier today caused more issues than it fixed, rendering multiplayer inaccessible. As a first remedy, we have reverted the game back to an earlier version pending further investigation of the problem. Please update your build to make sure you receive the correct version. Our apologies for …

Hot Fix Update 2014-10-06

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Another day, another hot fix to address a couple of nasty issues found in the multiplayer code during the hot multiplayer sessions over the weekend as well as a few more or less minor annoyances: * Selecting any server past the 17th one in the server browser no longer causes the game to crash consistently. * Implemented a potential fix …

Build #6 Live! Official Name Revealed, Multiplayer Introduced

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Finally. Finally Build #6 is here, and it’s a home run. We are happy to present Build #6 of Next Car G— Wait, that’s not right, let me try again. With a lot of help from our very active community, we finally found a name worthy of our newest baby. The Game Formerly Known As Next Car Game has now …

Weeks 37 and 38, Here We Go!

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All right, what’s going on this week? Well, to be honest, we could just clone last week’s post about what we’re doing and go with that, as it’s mostly all about testing the next build. As it is, Build #6 will come out either for the next weekend or right after, depending on how sure (and cocky) we feel about …

What’s Up for Week 36?

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Hey all y’all!   Another week is starting off here at Bugbear. A lot of effort is now being put into pushing out the next build – if all goes well, Build #6 should see the light of day early next week. However, like always, this is subject to change – if we hit a serious snag, we may need to delay …

Update #5 2014-07-03

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(tl;dr – Build updated! New car, new track, LAN support)   And here we go! The new and much-awaited build of Next Car Game is finally out there. What does this mean in the end? Well, it all boils down to why it took so long between the updates in the first place: we upgraded the game’s engine. In its …